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School Time Coordination


Hello, school is very important for all of us. We learn many things in school, we make friends and even there we can go on trips. Surely you like to go to school and every morning carefully you prepare for a new day. Today you will enjoy a day at school but not a common one, today you'll be able to go on a trip, you will like to see what we have prepared for you. You will have a very important role, you have to be a leader and that this means you have to have great care of your colleagues, you will need to buy tickets, to help them climb into the bus, and even to answer questions. With this school trip game for children you will be able to prove to everyone that you can a good leader and more than that you'll be able to prove that you are a responsible child. You will have a wonderful day with us, you will make friends and even you could go to the zoo.Follow all instructions of this game with animals.Be attentive to detail and certainly this mission will be very beautiful and easy.Success!- You can choose any clothes you want;- Help our friend to look good;- Choose the most interesting accessories;- Do not forget to choose a colored hat;- The first activity is very beautiful;- You'll have to do floral arrangements;- Choose any flowers you want;- You can decorate the flowers basket;- It's time for lunch;- Now you can learn to make pizza;- For the dough you need: water, eggs, salt, milk, flour and yeast;- Mix until the dough is ready;- Prepare ingredients;- Cut salami and cheese;- Do not forget to add vegetables such as; peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes;- For pizza to be perfect you have to make a tomato sauce;- Pizza looks very good, you are a wonderful cook;- You are at the zoo, here you will see cute animals;- They really need you;- You will have to clean up;- Collect all the garbage;- Then you have to provide food to all animals;- The trip was very beautiful;- You are a wonderful friend.
Thanks for your help, please come back every day through this game for girls.
Have fun!